Welcome to BilimEdtech

Welcome! Our primary goal is to overcome barriers that inhibit access to education. We implement customized educational services to help universities and schools start teaching with technology that

  • provides learner-centered experiences
  • expands their educational reach
  • develops methods that work with the culture of the institution.

Why the name? Bilim is a word of Turkic origins that means learning, scholarship, or knowledge. Edtech is a short form of Educational Technology. The name indicates that we use educational technology to facilitate learning.

Current and Past Projects

  1. The Discovery Center is our latest project with the aim of teaching English by learning about the world around us (aka,  through discovery).
  2. Creating a resources website for the courses that we currently teach.
  3. Create educational websites.
  4. Configure LMSs (learning management system) and other online tools that support elearning.
    • Moodle, Canvas, Open edX, Koha library, Student information systems, and other web systems
  5. Implement cloud infrastructure using VPSs (virtual private servers) and Docker technologies
  6. Helped two institutions apply for and then configure Google Apps for Education (now G Suite for Education).